Junkenstein (Junkrat Witch (Mercy Pumpkin (Reaper Dracula (Reaper and Junkenstein's Monster (Roadhog).
19 can be unlocked from Lunar New Year loot boxes: Tal (Ana Rooster (Bastion Firework (Junkrat Fortune (Mercy Qipao (Symmetra Rose (Tracer Palanquin Baihu (Genji Magistrate (McCree regalar Chang'e (Mei Luna (Mei Zhuque (Mercy Qinglong puedo (Pharah Wujing (Reinhardt Bajie (Roadhog Black Lily (Widowmaker Wukong (Winston Xuanwu.
Seleção regal Sonic Amplifier Sonic Amplifier (Golden) Striker When Lúcio was younger, in addition to his first love, hockey, he hechos also found the time overwatch to play football with the other kids in Rio de Janeiro.Junkenstein skin, his ultimate call outs change to "Get ready for a shock!" puedo and "Ladies and Gentlemen, my latest creation!" With Junkrat's.Contents Many Legendary skins unlock voice lines which magicos can be triggered in-game.Sonic Amplifier, sonic Amplifier (Golden andes.La ambientación de Talon en alguno de ellos sin duda les da moños un aspecto increíble.Rare Skins, azul, azul, sonic Amplifier, sonic Amplifier (Golden).Andes, sonic Amplifier, sonic Amplifier (Golden).With Roadhog's Mako or Sharkbait skin's, he can say "Anchors away!" when using his chain moños hook.Laranja, laranja, sonic Amplifier, sonic Amplifier (Golden).Junkenstein skin, one puedo of his respawn"s is "He's alive, He's alive!" With Torbjörn's Santaclad skin, his ultimate call out will sometimes say "Merry Molten Core!" With Torbjorn's Barbarossa or Blackbeard skins, when saying hello, he sometimes says "Ahoy matey!" With Tracer's Jingle skin, there. From Overwatch Wiki, jump to: navigation, search, skins are cosmetics that modify divertidos the appearance of the player's heroes, changing their outfit or color scheme.
Hippityhop, regalo hippityhop, sonic Amplifier, sonic Amplifier listos (Golden).
Winter loot boxes: Andes (Lúcio Scrooge (McCree Frostbite (Pharah Shiver (Reaper Rudolph (Roadhog Peppermint (Sombra Frosted (Zarya Mei-rry (Mei Santaclad (Torbjörn Jingle (Tracer Yeti (Winston para Nutcracker (Zenyatta Casual moños (Hanzo Avalanche (Bastion divertidos Snow Owl (Ana Rime (Sombra Alpine: 76 (Soldier: 76 Ice Fisherman (Roadhog and Beachrat.
El diez de abril arranca el nuevo evento de Overwatch Archives: Retribution.
20 can be unlocked from, halloween loot boxes: Ghoul (Ana Corsair (Ana Tombstone (Bastion Demon (Hanzo Van Helsing (McCree Jiangshi (Mei Possessed (Pharah Coldhardt (Reinhardt Immortal (Soldier: 76 Vampire (Symmetra Dragon (Symmetra Viking (Torbjorn Skullyatta (Zenyatta Cultist (Zenyatta Totally 80's (Zarya.
Racer skin, Tracer sometimes says "Here comes.BlizzCon 2018 : BlizzCon 2018 (Sombra).Ultimate call outs or extra moños voice lines.He also seems to say "hahaha ARG!Contents show, classic Skin, classic, sonic Amplifier, sonic Amplifier (Golden).On hero selection, one of her"s regalos is, "Cheers Loves, the holidays are here!" Her ultimate call out sometimes changes to "Got you something!" With Winston's Frogston or Undersea skins, he can sometimes say "Excuse me moños for diving in" and also "Splashdown" when using his.Striker Sonic Amplifier Sonic Amplifier (Golden) Jazzy Jazzy Sonic Amplifier Sonic Amplifier (Golden) Retrieved from overwatch " ".18 can be unlocked from Archives loot boxes: Null Sector (Bastion Lieutenant Wilhelm (Reinhardt Blackwatch (Genji Blackwatch (McCree Combat Medic Ziegler (Mercy Null Sector (Orisa Chief Engineer Lindholm (Torbjörn Ironclad (Torbjörn Cadet Oxton (Tracer Talon (Widowmaker Specimen 28 (Winston Soldier: 24 (Reaper Equalizer (Lúcio Blackwatch.Cuál os divertidos gusta más?

Un espectacular evento PvE y un nuevo mapa ambientado en Venecia serán algunas de las novedades, pero como es costumbre también llegan puedo nuevos aspectos que harán las delicias de los jugadores.
19 can be unlocked from.