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Each girl has one specific gift raptor in the main game, plus one for the three events regalar in the game (Blossom Festival, Hollow's Eve, Wintertide totaling into four individual Items for each girl that triggers a bolsitas Memory.
In addition, you will lose a heart if you skip talking to a girl for a day.The likes and dislikes of regalos each Love Interest can be identified by the "face" on the Item after they have been given once.Her event postknight items are Spring Bloom, Witch Ensemble, and Winter Herb.Thank deperfumes you so much, Anna!" reaching 5 Hearts with Fleur again "Ah, dont worry, youre not bothering me at all.Magnolia Memory Fleur Memory Senna Memory Dahlia Memory Camellia Memory Asteria Memory Blossom Festival (Event) Edit Special memories are obtained by gifting the woman's precio favorite Blossom Festival bouquet.Talk:Equipment new comment by A fandom user Comment : I want to get the Flithelm from the Flitter regal Set griffondell but I can not find the place to buy/get it, fleur does anyone has an idea about this?I wish there was more regalar information for me to refer to, but there arent a lot of fleur books around besides the one my mom has.I'm here postknight to help your community, and I'm a liaison to full-time Fandom Staff.Thats sweet of you." 5 Hearts conversation, which hints at her "Memory" item "Youre welcome to drop by for a cup of tea if youre exhausted, * player name.Loves: Butterfly bracelet, hoop earrings, peach tea, pink carnation, salad, quivtol tea Likes: Beer, coffee, feather pendant, green orchid, grilled salmon, honey, hoop earrings, milk, pancakes, polka dot ribbon, red rose, roast beef Dislikes: Curry rice, leaf handkerchief, yellow daffodil, apple juice Her event items. Woman, favored Items, disliked Items.
The story follows the fleur adventures of a Postknight a knight who is tasked with compra difficult effect or dangerous deliveries in the grand kingdom of Kurestal.
Message after the player misses a girl for a day then talks to her.
Each one has her jesus own specific likes and jesus dislikes that you have to abide to in order compra to get her to reach 5 hearts.Ghost (Wolf Pup) Dewey (Blooplet) Bacon Dog Wild Piff (Piff) Chip (Circlet) The poll was created at fleur 06:04 on July 15, regalar 2017, and so far 187 people voted.Relationship Items, edit girl * does not seem to be pleased.Même si le fleur jeu est bien déserté désormais, il faut fa Read more April 12, 2017 by Hackername Disclaimer.Fleur, fleur is an apprentice alchemist and can be found regalos in Pompon Village praga at all points in the story.The woman must be at 5 to earn the memory, though you can give her the ensemble earlier than that, and again at 5 to earn.Befriend all of Postknight's adorable damsels without all the guesswork with this guide period; Trying to make nice with one of the handful of befriendable girls.You can gift a Love Interest every postknight 4 hours and receive a gift from them every 8 hours.Ive just finished writing down some notes about new found herbs.

She usually involves herself with herb-related stuff such as herb picking.
Dialogue animation differ with the Gifts given, depending on the amount of hearts postknight and the kind of Gift.