Pines Not much is known about Dipper's relationships with his regalan parents, though regalo he does at first seem upset by their decision to have him spend his agradeci summer in Gravity Falls, and regrets pines the dance Mrs.
I thought it visit was something truly embarrassing." Dipper's real first name, Mason, was revealed in the de-fictionalized version of modelo Journal.
He decides to go regalo back in time for his sister, which makes Robbie go out with Wendy in the present time.
regalo Bill then tells 8 Ball and Teeth to eat Dipper.In " Sock Opera Dipper is excited to figure out the code to the laptop with Mabel's help and is disappointed when she instead decides to put on a puppet show.Regardless, he attempts to impress her and frequently finds himself in sticky situations as a result.But, Dipper quickly loses control of his digital ally, who novio tries to kill Robbie, and a chase through town commences.He goes up to the ghost and tells him he is not a teenager; he is, in fact, only 12 years old.In " A Tale of Two Stans Dipper is overcome with excitement when he meets Ford Pines, shrieking with delight when the journals are mentioned and almost throwing up, to which he is eager to ask Ford lots visit of questions.The agents leave Stan confiscates Powers' card tells Dipper to be a normal kid, much to Dipper's disappointment.He helps regalo McGucket build the Shacktron and pilots it as it fights off Bill's henchmaniacs.When asked to make a wish, Dipper replies that he already got everything he ever wanted that summer.Dipper looks to the journal and points out a way to escape and they barely made.As Dipper and Mabel prepare to depart Gravity Falls, Wendy takes Dipper's hat while giving him hers as something to remember her by along with a letter for the next time he misses Gravity Falls.The group raid the tower to save Mabel but when Mabel wakes up, she reveals that she created the place called Mabeland.Dipper has shown through out his time in Gravity Falls that he has become more confident in himself, has learned to have hope in the doubtful times, and become stronger when facing his enemies to stand up for what he believes.Much to her dismay, Grunkle Stan tells the twins Mabel will have to marry Gideon. Appearance, a blue and visit white hat with a pine tree, brown hair, blue vest, orange shirt, gray shorts, white socks, black shoes.
Dipper is downhearted at the loss of Journal 3, but Mabel tells him regalarle he doesn't need the book to do great things.
Dipper did not find regala out who murdered Wax Stan until his funeral.
He regalo tries again with the laptop, and it announces that there were hombre too many failed entries, and it would erase all data in 5 minutes.
They all dissolve but Tyrone, who attacks Dipper.
Unlike Mabel, Dipper was born with a birthmark on his forehead.He is fairly regalada welcoming of his sister's best friends, and is accepting of their eccentricities, some of which may come in handy for situations handled as a group.Dipper decides to help Mabel by telling Gideon she does not want to date him.When he hears that there is a lake monster in the sea named the Gobblewonker, Dipper and Mabel want to go find it and get proof, and avoid having to spend 10 hours on a boat with Grunkle Stan.He attempts to film incriminating evidence to support his accusations, and despite being unable to find any, he tells Mabel about his suspicions, resulting in an argument between the two.He screams and opens the fridge door again.However, when Waddles presses a switch seas that destroys the machine to be regala normal for Mabel's sake and himself, Dipper was dispirited.Dipper sinks into a deep depression, but his spirits are lifted when he learns that Blendin has a time machine that will allow him to travel back and avoid hitting Wendy, going to lengths of theft to obtain.Diseño perfume de edición limitada, texto 'Always let your conscience be your guide'.After Stan is disqualified and Tyler regalan wins, they go vandalize his new mansion.He is sometimes seen with a green backpack.

Using a projector, regalo they try to see if the symbol, in the document, is related to Egyptian, numerology or Alchemist symbols.
As Dipper couldn't find any weakness, he was grabbed by a zombie, but was saved by Stan.
Beverages and bottles.