Guardian Angel, Horn of Uniria, Imp.
Set regalos Grand Soul 1 regalo Grand Soul Gloves, set Holy douglas Spirit 0 Holy donde Spirit Gloves Set creditos Ancient 0 Ancient Pants, 1 Ancient Helm, 2 Ancient Boots Set Demonic 0 Demonic Gloves Set Sacred Fire 2 Sacred Fire Armor, 3 Sacred Fire Pants Set Storm Jahad 0 Storm Jahad.
Pagina Web z fan donde Page m/SteamMuOnlineOficial, grupo Oficial creditos m/groups/ /?refbr_rs, características, exp: 750x, drop:.Steam Mu regalo Season 2 Custom, registrare y Únete Para regalen Mas Info.Set Strom Crow regalen regalen 0 Storm Crow Boots, 0 Storm Crow Gloves, 0 Storm Crow Pants.Set Iris regalo regalo 1 Iris Boots, 1 Iris Pants, 2 Iris Helm, 3 Iris Gloves.To heal a Fenrir put a Jewel of Bless. Evento Recolección, evento Reset, creacion de Personajes, mG Level 220.
Set Eclipse 1 Eclipse Boots, 1 Eclipse Helm, 1 Eclipse Pants, 3 Eclipse Gloves.
Mace 2 once Crystal regalo Morning Star, scepter 0 Master recibe Scepter, book 2 Book of Lagle.
Full PvP, creacion de Guild: Level 220, puntos Por Lvl regalos : 5/5.
Set, caracteristicas, set Ashcrow papa 1 Ashcrow Boots, 1 Ashcrow Helm, 1 Ashcrow Pants, 3 Ashcrow Gloves.
Spear once 3 Bill of Balrog, shield 0 Cross Shield, 0 Pluma Shield, 2 Elemental Shield.
In MU Online michael the fenrir is michael a mount for all character classes which enhances moving speed and provides several very good advantages.DL Level 220 3 Arenas PvP, lorencia, noria, dungeon, eventos.Devil Square, chaos Castle, royal Pvp, invasion Selupan.Max Stats: 32 000, bles Bug: Offline, spot: en todo los mapas.The Fenrir attacks with Plasma storm which is an michael exclusive skill (Mana 50, AG 20).Invasión de Dorados, invasión regalo de Conejos, regalos blood Castle.Lance jackson 1 Alacran Lance, 2 Conmocion Lance.