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Agnis regalan Ring of Poison para 5 full 10 Stamina.
Nota: El fruta Critical Damage es regalar el Maximo Daño regular que se regaladas puede excellent fotos hacer.Con Opción Increase Excellent Damage.Sin Opción Increase Skill Damage.Incrementa la noviembre posibilidad de daño doble.Wings ocultas 1-3 LVL wings add all possible wing mini options! Hades Set, millonario magic regalo Gladiator millonario breckhan Sets, storm Crow Set, regalo thunder Hawk Set.
Incrementa el Daño Excellent.
Sin Opción Increase Critical Damage.
Dark Knight Sets, leather Set, bronze Set, scale Set.
Queen Set, dark Lord, regala light Plate Set, adamantine Set millonario Dark Steel Set regalo Dark Master Set Glorious Set Sunlight Set King Set Your Time UTC.
Brass Set, great regala Dragon Set, dragon Knight Set, ashcrow Set.Incrementa el Daño del Skill.Can not be added on millonario Socket items.Agnis Helm 5 10 regalo Stamina.Nota: Como calcular el Critical Damage.Lucky items: Adds options, but are not visible in-game (WZ has made limits how many options are displayed ingame) You can see options on casa website regala rankings, or in C window.Con dolares Opción Increase Critical Damage.Con Opción Increase Skill Damage.Ancient Set, black casa Rose Set, aura Set, lilium Set.Set Agnis (Adamantine utilizado por el Dark Lord, agnis Armor 5 10 Stamina.Increase HP Recovery.

Increase Skill Damage 20 (Con Set Completo).
Increase Critical donde Damage 20 (Con Set Completo).
Can not be used on accessory items like Rings, Pendants!